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      "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the                              courage to lose sight of the shore"
                                               Christopher Columbus

The domain: Hoka Hey ACRG
will cease to exist in about October.  We will then be:

We Thank:
Arizona Senator Charles "Chuck" Gray
Arizona Senator Larry "Lucky" Chesley
POW and Author of  "Seven Years in Hanoi"
Mayor Art Sanders Queen Creek
Mayor Scott Smith Mesa
Mayor John Insalaco Apache Junction
Mayor John Lewis Gilbert

For their Endorsement of this
Pledge-Per-Mile Charity Fundraiser
from May to August, 2010

We Thank Lindsey Jeppsen
for her dreaming, designing and creating the
official Arizona Charity Riders poster

We Also Thank
Peterson's Harley-Davidson South
of Miami Florida.

In route to Florida, I cinched my front forks down too tight and popped a fork seal.  Laz, their Service Writer, when he found out I was a Hoka Hey rider, got my bike in and out within just a few hours.  He even knocked off a little money on the bill and loaded my bike back on my truck for me.  And Tony, their Sales Manager, was so incredibly friendly to us and gave the three of us free T-shirts, a huge smile and a big welcome and offered us food and drink. If you do a Fly and Ride in Florida, or any Harley-Davidson business at all there, do it with Peterson's.  Their motto

"Customer Service Comes First" 
is something they really mean.

Larry Fort and site-author Samuel Jeppsen

Welcome to Arizona Charity Riders

Pure and simply, we are a group of riders who love motorcycles, love motorcycle adventures and who created a 2010 fundraiser for
Arizona children & The Lost Dutchman State Park

Meet the Riders that Helped

Dick Pembroke

Dick is a retired Electrical Engineer and a former President for the Telex Communications Inc.  Dick is really smart, is a deep thinker, a poet, loves to design and make things with his hands, is an excellent rider and loves dirt bikes, photography, gadgets, woodworking, and focuses on being happy, eating healthy, living long, loving life and being good to others.

Larry Fort

Larry and Dick have been best friends most of their adult life.  Larry, who says he will never retire, is a former Electrical Engineer, School Teacher and is one of the best Professional Harley-Davidson Test Riders I have personally seen.  He too loves gadgets, photography, "harassing friends" (to quote him) dirt riding and the sound of scraping metal as his bike drags the ground on the curves.  He is married to my wife's aunt and is an all-around great guy who will help you with anything.

Olin Tefft

Olin and I are as Larry is to Dick.  Best friends.  We have been best friends since the 9th grade.  Olin is a retired police officer, has been my partner in crime for over 40 years, we began our police careers together, he has captured more armed robbers than anyone I know, (23), married my sister, and talked me into more goofy stuff than anyone else in my life.  In fact, it was his idea when we were in the 9th grade that one day we would both get Sportsters and ride America.  Olin and I have ridden more miles together than anyone else I have ridden with, slept out under the stars more often then scout camps I have been on, loaned me his BB-gun when we were kids, sold me my first motorcycle, my first car, drove me to Florida for this ride, and has been there every time in my life I needed a good friend.  He is very religious, has always given me good counsel, honors his Priesthood, can always be counted on to do the right thing, will help anyone and is one of the most honest men I have ever met.  He is also an excellent rider, is a premium rifle and pistol shot, loves bikes, dirt bikes and practical jokes.   


I'm the guy in the bike.  What's to say??  I love my family, my wife, my God and my Lord.  I am a retired cop, try really hard to make a difference in life and in others, always mean well, but have tons of shortcomings, always believe I am right, always willing to be wrong, love motorcycle adventures, very patriotic and try each day to be better than I was the day before.  That's about it.

Like everyone here, I''ve ridden since I was 14 years old.   My first dependable bike was this 1972, Yamaha, 650-twin.  I bought it when I was in Alaska and rode it around there before shipping it home to Arizona.  Once in Arizona, my friend Steve Arduser and I, a bulldozer operator from Alaska, rode to Mexico, Guatemala and British Honduras in 1973.  My Yamaha was so good, so dependable, that I bought a black 1980, 650.  I rode my new 650 all over the place, including up the PCH twice.  Once with Stan Peterson, a paramedic buddy of mine.  I love twins.  The way the sound, the way they feel.  To me, the correct number of cylinders a motorcycle should have--is two.

So long story short, I've loved and ridden bikes for a long time.  To me, they are the first choice of travel.  Much preferred over the Environmental Envelope that is sitting in my driveway

By way of what we had in place for this fundraiser?

A non-profit EIN ACRG Bank Account at Wells Fargo Bank
Collected funds will be evenly distributed to:
Child Crisis Center of the East Valley
Sunshine Acres Children’s Home
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Make-a-Wish Foundation of Central Arizona
               Lost Dutchman State Park Preservation Fund
James Neal MacKinlay of the Warnock MacKinlay & Carmon                    Law Firm at 1019 S. Stapley Rd. in Mesa, will oversee the                    account and dispersing of donations.
100% of the money donated will go to the Charities in August..
None of the money donated to the charity’ goes for overhead.
Everything else was either donated or paid for out of pocket. 

We Thank::

Jennifer Jones of KPHO Channel 5
William Hermann of The Arizona Republic
Scott Anderson of Mesa Talking
Susan Swanson of the Apache Junction News
Becky and Tim and Willy of KMLE Country
and Clayton Jeppsen of Infusionsoft
for helping to spread the word.
and we thank
Attorney James Neal Mackinlay
for watching over the funds.
and we thank
Chris Fondow of Wells Fargo Bank for setting up the account at no change, no cost.

It's important that you know that Your money every single cent of it, went to charity.

This event, this fundraiser was made possible
by our great friends at:


Superstition Harley-Davidson

Keith Salyer
American Family Insurance

Joeta's Leather

San Tan Ford

Skunk Motorsports Inc.

My best girl, her name is Julie.

She's a great gal.  She's everything I'm not. She is the perfect other half of me.  I don't pretend to know a lot about the pre-existence, but I do believe we lived before we came here to this earth.  And I believe there was a time when Heavenly Father said, pointing to me, "This one has a good heart, always means well, but has tons of issues and short-comings. He will take a lot of work and patience.  Who will go with him?  Who will help him become a better man and father and who will love him and help along the way with all the problems he will have?"  And I know it was Julie that raised her hand and said, "I will."

The forest at noon day.

                                      "Ooh the long road ahead
                                            seems so dark and scary" I said.
                                      "You'll be fine came His reply,
                                            if on Me you'll keep your eye."

"My desire for adventure was also fulfilled through motorcycles and the feeling of freedom they produce as you ride.  It’s often hard to explain to someone who doesn't’ ride, but in a car, you have three television sets you are trying to watch at the same time.  A large one in front with a rearview mirror stuck to it, one to your right and one to your left.  They are all showing different programs and you constantly switch back and forth as you try to watch all three.  And what you smell is the smell of your own car or the something under the seat that should have been taken out last week.

  "Riding is totally different. 
          It’s like riding through the living and ever changing
                                      Art Gallery of the Lord.

"You have a 160 degree un-obscured vision cone where everything is moving as if you were in a large panoramic theater.  No lines, no blocks, no roof, just a clear view of everything.  And you smell the wind, the clouds, the lakes, ocean or whatever you are passing by.  The grass, the trees, the flowers in bloom, the farms, what people are barbecuing on their backyard grills, even what the people in the cars in front of your are eating or smoking.  You feel the wind in your face and the moisture in the clouds.  You feel like a low flying angel, flying through the Lord’s art gallery."

            Quoted from the book,
     "What Would You Give to Never be Afraid Again."

...Live the Dream